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Village Association

The Village Association puts on several events in the course of the year. 

The following are some of the events currently organised:

Every Wednesday 10am-Noon in the Women's Institute Hall. A chance to get to know other village residents over biscuits and tea or coffee. Come and join in a game of table-tennis.

The Ulgham Feast will be on Saturday 6th July on the Playing Field.

This is held each year on November 5th on the Playing Fields.

This competition has been held in September since 2010 in alternate years. Residents are invited to create a themed sculpture in their garden. Residents and visitors are invited to view the sculptures and vote on them.

See the entries for 2016 here. The 2018 competition was held on the weekend of 15th/16th September 2018, with the theme of your own choice as there is so much to choose from. This is the last one that will be held. The wnning entry was Sue Gill with 100th Anniversary of the first perfomance of Holst's Planet Suite. 2nd place was WI with the Centenary of the End of the 1st World War. 3rd place was Jean Dawes with 50 year Anniversary of the End of Steam Travel in the UK. This will be the last competition to be held.

The committee underwent a restructuring 2013/2014 to bring Ulgham Meadows and the Playing Field Management committees under the remit of the Village Association and to include representatives from the Women's Institute and the Cricket Club. The reason for this was to avoid duplication of effort and to improve communication channels between the groups active in the village.

The current committee members are:
Chair: Helen Dunn
Treasurer: Tony Warlow
Secretary: Barbara Chandler
Representative for Ulgham Meados and Wood (LNR) : John Carpenter

Representatives of the Parish Council: 2 of George Brown, Jim Scott, Helen Shaw and Lesley Newman

Representatives of the Women's Institue: Pauline Martin and/or Pamela Lamb

Representatives of the Cricket Club: Keith Lowes and/or Colin Tait

UVA Meeting Minutes

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Ulgham Feast 2018

A Big THANK YOU to all that helped on the stalls, putting up and bringing down the gazebos and all the many contributions to make the day a success. We had competition from a special football match which was being played in Russia at 3pm, but there was still a fantastic turnout. This year the weather was kind to is. We can often get a blustery and/or wet day which can cause havoc with the gazebos.

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